Affordable parts replacements in Maroochydore

When a component of your car is beyond repair, speak to Maroochy Mobile Mechanics about a cost-effective replacement. For most parts, our mobile team can perform the removal and new installation on-site, anywhere on the Sunshine Coast—saving you a great deal of time and hassle.
Simply phone up with your requirements and book a replacement service, or drive into our Kunda Park workshop

While it can seem like a relatively small part, it is made up of a number of complex components, and a fault in any of them can stop your car from starting entirely. Our team can diagnose the cause of the problem and replace it with a new compatible component. There are a few symptoms that indicate a faulty clutch:

    • Difficulty changing gears
    • Excessive pressure required to engage pedal
    • Engine starting without the clutch engaged
    • Pedal remains depressed
    • Engine not starting with clutch pedal depressed
Maroochy Mobile Mechanics deals with a number of trusted suppliers, including Exedy Australia, for our clutch components.
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